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Fla 15/60 GB - load disconnectors for assembly bellow power line

three-pole design
rated voltage 25 and 38,5 kV
rated current 630 A

Fla 15/60 GB switching takes place in a tightly closed extinguishing chamber, filled with Shell transformer oil. 
No leakages of products of combustion are released into the environment. With regard to this fact, Fla 15/60 GB load disconnectors meet the extreme environmental requirements.
Load disconnectors satisfy standards EN 62271-1, EN 62271-102, EN 62271-103. Used insulators satisfy the fourth grade of contamination area.
One of the advantages of this series of switch disconnectors is the possibility for the staff to work under voltage, easier assembly on the pole as well as an easier handling due to its reduced mass.
The Fla 15/60 GB are the first switch disconnectors with built-in surge arresters.


Documents to download:

Product catalogue - Fla 15/60 GB
Product catalogue - Fla 15/60 G2 and Fla 15/60 GB
Types description
Under-voltage assembly of Fla 15/60 GB load disconnector