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D 1200 - compact switchboards with load disconnectors, 25 kV

rated voltage 25 kV
rated current 630 A

This compact, air-insulated switchboard of the D 1200 type meets the requirements on environmentally friendly and maintenance-free operation while imposing only very limited requirements on the size of the installation place. The switchboard is equipped with the H 27 switch disconnectors.
Normally the switchboard is delivered in the 2 + 1 and 3 + 1 arrangement, with the fused switch disconnector mounted in the upper-left cubicle.
In case of necessity, the both upper cubicles may be equipped with fused switch disconnectors or with switch disconnectors connected to the power outlet. The lower cubicles can accommodate only switch disconnectors for cable outlets. Each of the switch disconnectors installed can be equipped with short-circuit capable earthing switch.


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