DRIBO, spol. s r.o. medium voltage switching devices, switchboards and equipment

H 27 - load disconnectors

three-pole design
rated voltage 12 and 25 kV
rated current 630 A

The H 27 switch disconnectors are supplied with three different versions with phase pitch of 275 mm, 225 mm and 170 mm. The switch disconnectors can be completed with mechanically blocked earthing switch. Due to their reduced dimensions they can be used in close-packed switchboards.
Type designation: H 27 EK (for wall mounting), H 27 EA (with spring-type charging drive mechanism), H 27 SEA (for wall mounting, with spring-type charging drive mechanism, and with fuse holders installed), H 27 SuT (side mounting, instantaneous closing and opening, breaking mechanism with spring-type charger and with fuse holders installed in the bottom part), H 27 F-EK (front mounting), H 27 F-EA (front mounting, opening mechanism based on spring-based energy charger), H 27 F-SuT (front mounting, with energy charger and a built-in mechanism for fuses equipped with release pin).


Documents to download:

Product catalogue
Switch-fuse combination
Instructions for assembly and maintenance