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Fla 15/97 GB - load disconnectors for assembly bellow power line

three-pole design
rated voltage 25 kV
rated current 400 A

The Fla 15/97 GB outdoor load-disconnectors with arc quenching vacuum chambers represent a series of advantages for the customers, not only by its state-of-the-art performances but also its environmental friendliness. In its design the products as such exhibit a link with the Fla 15/60 load-disconnectors which have successfully been proven in operation and which are manufactured on the basis of design documents originating from the German company Driescher.
The load-disconnectors comply with the following standards: EN 62271-1, EN 62271-102, EN 62271-103. Supporting insulators used with this load-disconnectors meet the pollution requirements as specified by class IV, to ČSN 33 0405.
The simple and rugged design of Fla load-disconnectors was tested in various climatic conditions with excellent results.
The steel, welded base frame of the switching device is made of open steel profiles, the form of which is very adequate for hot galvanization. This kind of surface treatment provides for a corrosion free surface of the frame and makes easy the inspection of the surface. Hot galvanized coating is deposited also on load-disconnector shafts, seated in bronze bearings, and on all other steel parts including the accessories. All current carrying parts are manufactured of silver coated electrolytical copper and as a bulk they form a loop-free path
for the current flow.
One of the advantages of this series of switch disconnectors is the possibility for the staff to work under voltage, easier assembly on the pole as well as an easier handling due to its reduced mass.
The Fla 15/97 GB are the first switch disconnectors with built-in surge arresters.


Documents to download:

Product catalogue
Types description (like Fla 15/60 GB)
Under-voltage assembly of Fla 15/60 GB load disconnector