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Fla 15/6400 AE - smart load disconnectors for vertical assembly

three-pole design
rated voltage 12, 25 and 38,5 kV
rated current 400 A

Outdoor switch disconnectors with oil-based arc quenching chambers - vertical design.
The supporting frame is made of steel-sheet profiles, protected with hot galvanizing treatment against corrosion.
The switching takes place in sealed arc-quenching chamber, filled with the SHELL transformer oil.
No leakages of products of combustion are released into the environment.
All current-carrying parts of the switch disconnector are made of galvanically silver coated electrolytical copper. When supplied the switch disconnectors are provided supporting insulators made either of cycloaliphatic resin.
The Fla 15/6400 AE switch disconnectors are equipped with charging mechanism and an electronic system that is used for opening the switch disconnector during the no-voltage period following after an unsuccessful repeated closing. In such a way the defective part of the line gets disconnected and the subsequent repeated closing affects now only the failure-free part of the line.
This kind of switching reduces significantly the duration of the power outage in the healthy parts of the line.


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