DRIBO, spol. s r.o. medium voltage switching devices, switchboards and equipment

H 22 - load disconnectors

three-pole design
rated voltage 12, 25 and 38.5 kV
rated current 630 and 1250 A

These switch disconnectors feature the following advantages: reliable and safe arc quenching, increased safety level for the operating personnel due to the use of earthing switches with short-circuit making capabilities, clearly visible isolating distance on an opened switch disconnector, simple mode of control, high frequency of switching operations and minimum requirements on maintenance.
The switch disconnector types are, as follows: H 22 EK, H 22 EA (with breaking mechanism and spring-type charging mechanism), and H 22 SEA (with fuse holders used to accomodate fuses with activating pin to open all the switch disconnector poles after the MV fuse was blown).
All the switch disconnector types can be completed with a mechanically interlocked earthing switch.


Documents to download:

Product catalogue
Switch-fuse combination
Instructions for assembly and maintenance