DRIBO, spol. s r.o. medium voltage switching devices, switchboards and equipment

Outdoor switches for railway lines

single- and double-pole design
rated voltage up to 29 kV AC, 3 kV DC
rated current up to 3150 A

These outdoor switches are specially designed for railway applications.
Load disconnectors and disconnectors can be delivered without earthing switch, with earthing switch or with insulated (separated) earthing switch.
The live parts are in silver-plated copper with galvanization. All steel parts are hot galvanized. There is increased resistance against corrosion through the use of non-rusting materials and surface protective coating.
Each switchgear is fitted with an earth connector screw. Optionally a fixed earthing switch can be mounted.


Documents to download:

Product catalogue - AC switches
Product catalogue - Ftr_25-2000-31,5-1B disconnectors
Product catalogue - FTr 3-2000/31,5 and FTr 3-3150/31,5 disconnectors - 3 kV DC
Instructions for assembly and maintenance - Ftr 25-2000/31,5-1B and FTr 3-.../31,5 disconnectors