DRIBO, spol. s r.o. medium voltage switching devices, switchboards and equipment

DRIBO Flrm - disconnectors for mounting within the range of the line span

rated voltage 25 and 38,5 kV
rated current 400 A

These switching devices are used for the disconnection of end-position substations and parts of the no-load power lines. The DRIBO Flrm disconnectors are equipped with a simple arc quenching equipment, which provides for breaking of the circuit irrespective of the speed of manipulation. Disconnectors for rated voltage of 25 kV were tested with satisfactory results for the no-load opening of distribution transformer circuits with rated power of 630 kVA. When transformer circuits are opened under no-load conditions, no significant overvoltage effects are taking place.
The Flrm-k type disconnectors are designed for mounting on a console; those of Flrm-v type are designed for mounting within the range of the line span.


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