DRIBO, spol. s r.o. medium voltage switching devices, switchboards and equipment

Fl.. P - load disconnectors for Pařát (bird-safe) power lines

three-pole design
rated voltage 25 kV
rated current 400 and 630 A

The Pařát power line is a new generation line, which has been developed in order to protect big birds of prey and other kind of rare species. It is up the level with other well-known products, both from the engineering and financial point of view, and also that of the environment preservation. The configuration of the Fla "Parat" type load disconnector eliminates the risk of injury by electric current for big predators and also for other birds having the habit to take seat on the power lines.
The load disconnector is composed of three single-pole and in the operation well proven switching units Fla 15/60, Fla 15/97, DRIBO Flb or DRIBO Flc, mounted at the end of the line consoles and operated by one manual or electrically operated drive mechanism.


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