DRIBO, spol. s r.o. medium voltage switching devices, switchboards and equipment

Flc GB S N - load disconnectors for vertical assembly

three-pole design
rated voltage 25 and 38,5 kV
rated current 400 and 630 A

Outdoor design, load disconnectors of Flc GB S N series have been developed by the DRIBO company as design version of the DRIBO Flc load disconnectors which prove its high reliability and operation safety since many years on the world market.
The Flc N load disconnectors are equipped with spring-based arc quenching mechanism.
The load disconnectors comply with requirements of the following standards: EN 62271-1 and EN 62271-103.
All current carrying components are made of silver plated electrolytical copper and constitute a loop-less current conduction path.
The cross-section of the conductors the current-carrying path consists of is sufficiently dimensioned.
The load disconnectors are delivered with insulators made of a cyclo-aliphatic resin or silicone.


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