DRIBO, spol. s r.o. medium voltage switching devices, switchboards and equipment

Motor operated drives VM10 and VM50

for indoor switching devices
for assembly on the switching device’s shaft

The VM10 and VM50 motor-drive mechanisms control indoor switching devices and are used for mounting directly to the switching device’s shaft.
The design of the VM10 and VM50 motor-drive mechanisms differs from that used for emergency control.
The drives are noted for their simple mounting and adjustment, as well as their compact structure with a little demand on installation space. The VM10 or VM50 motor drives may optionally be mounted on right hand or left hand side of the switching device.
They also can be fixed additionally to already existing switching devices, both from the DRIBO spol. s r.o. production, but also from other manufacturers.
The drives feature an output torque adequate for the executed operation, combined with high switching speed, and suitable for various supply voltages. The VM 10 and VM50 do not include any control electronics.
Simple structural design and the usage of component parts verified in the operation process leads to a reliable functioning, without posing demands on maintenance. It also ensures that the switching end positions will be achieved with adequate reliability.


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