DRIBO, spol. s r.o. medium voltage switching devices, switchboards and equipment

Motor operated drives VM20 and VM30

for indoor switching devices
for mounting on the forefront of the cubicle

These are used for remote control of switching devices, first of all the MV disconnectors and switch disconnectors.
The VM20 and VM30 motor operated drives are intended for the control of indoor MV switching devices, operated from the front side of the switching cell. The VM20/VM30 drives are designed for mounting on the left-hand side/right-hand side of the cabinet or the cell, respectively. The drives are installed in a holder which is a part of the delivery.
The drives are characterized by simple assembly and adjustment, and compact design with reduced demands on installation space. They can also be used for retrofitting the existing switching devices, and feature an adequate output torque with high switching speed. They are delivered with various combinations of power supply and control voltages, and each of the options features the possibility of manual emergency control using a crank.


Documents to download:

Product catalogue
Instructions for assembly and maintenance - VM20/30-K
Instructions for assembly and maintenance - VM20/30-T